Why Your Church should not stop using social media over the holidays

You are going to get lots of articles on why should your Church should not stop using social media over the holidays. In case you want to test it yourself, you can just google it the phrase church social media and there you go, Google will show you millions of articles that are available. These articles are based on the topic of using social media platforms for your main ministry.

It is not even a question now that whether your church should be on the social media or not because this article assumes that you are already on social media. On the other hand, a question we must ask, is simply being on social media enough?  In our opinion it is not enough, you will have to prioritize it as well, the usage, posting, and engagement with visitors should be prioritized. In case you want to extract all the benefit of all the opportunities that are provided by the social media then you might need to give it the priority.

When it comes to social media you have to take the risk, because there exists both perks and possibilities. It can work as a secret weapon for churches that are struggling and it can only help Churches that are successful as a means of sharing their mission. Here is the list of four reasons that can help you in realizing why a Church should not stop using social media for holidays:

1.     It is a known fact that the Christians represent the largest sect of the population of Canada. It should be highlighted here that most Christian churches stop using social media whenever it comes to holidays like Easter or Christmas because they are busy. But, during this time is when social media usage is at its highest.

2.     Visitors to your area may be looking for a place to worship. Visitors will be the greatest source of increased attendance during Christmas or Easter for any church. Whenever we are traveling to a new place we obviously are looking for a Church on the way or nearby the place we are going to stay. The first place we would look would be the church website and then we would look at their social media to see what type of service they offer and to see how engaged their community is.

3.     Now going to the tactic of hashtags, which can be utilized in the holiday season. The relevant hashtags can trend in the holidays without any doubt. For instance the hashtags like #HappyEaster or #MerryChristmas. Taking advantage of a trending hashtag is always the first recommendation of any social media firm for your posts to get the most social media exposure.

4.     In your local area, there are many other churches that are considered as  “competition” and they may or may not be using social media. If they are not using it, it is your opportunity to stand out and differentiate why visitors may want to visit your church. If they are using it, it is an opportunity to enhance your local community and illustrate all that each church has to offer to find the right fit for your visitors. Liking a post from another Church puts you directly in the view of their followers or anyone who is looking at the Church.

If you are a Church who is embracing social media regularly, you need to ensure that over the holidays you continue to embrace social media. There are tools where posts can be scheduled and where it can track the views and engagement of each post. Posting regularly shows your congregation and your visitors that the Church is still active during the holidays and showcase all of the amazing things going on at the Church.

An increased audience is the dream of any church, anyone who starts following your social media accounts may start attending regular worship services. This is going to lead you towards more donations for the Church and a bunch of good new visitors.

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