When the Back Pew is still too Close

Most Churches face the dreaded problem of attempting to get people into the pews. More people often translates into increased donations (revenue), whereby they can afford to maintain and keep the Church open.

But, sometimes getting people into the pews is a more difficult proposition than one would think. So, how do you reach new or current parishioners who are not sitting in the pews and how do you solicit their donations?

Church websites have transformed from an informational marketing tool to a full-blown ministry. There are many people who would love to hear the Sunday Sermon, determine the biblical readings, but not come to Church. Your next ministry should be a well-designed website that allows users (registered or unregistered) the opportunity to participate as fully as possible, including donations.

First, we would start with an audio recording of the weekly sermon. Perhaps at a larger service, such as Christmas, Easter or another feast. But advertise that the sermon will be available.

As the one or two sermons become known and the bugs have been worked out for editing and posting, move to a weekly or monthly schedule.

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