Live Streaming for Churches

Honouring Traditions with Simple & Affordable Technology Solutions

In today’s world, time, travel and health restrictions often preclude people from being able to attend church events in person. However just because they can’t attend doesn’t mean they’re not interested in the event or what is going on at your church. In the past these folks have had to hear about the event from those who attended, by meeting minutes, or through press releases. If they were lucky, perhaps the event was recorded and they could watch the snippets as a recap, but that would usually be days or weeks after the event ended.

Live streaming changes that by allowing viewers to watch events in real-time. Regardless of whether they’re registered parishioners or visitors seeking to find a relationship with God, they can now watch and interact with your event in real-time, just like they were in the room with you. Webcasting is now easier and more effective than ever, and we work with Churches and Faith Based Organizations of all sizes to create the optimal viewing experience for your remote attendee.

As part of our full service packages we’ll setup the live stream link and help you choose the best medium for your congregation. We’ll attend your event with our trained technical staff and sync your PowerPoint presentations with high definition cameras to capture and record everything. We’ll manage and monitor the viewers questions, help you launch real-time polls, and capture all the viewing data to share with you after the event.

You Don't Need to Break the Bank to Livestream

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