Live Streaming Services in Ontario

Live Streaming Made Simple

We make your live stream simple.  Offering multi-camera production, instant custom branded graphics, simultaneous livestreaming on various platforms and live recordings of your live stream or webcast. MH3 streaming services lets your company connect with key stakeholders during your corporate events, such as private internal gatherings, summits, conferences, company-wide keynote presentations, shareholder meetings or new product releases. Customers, employees, and shareholders can watch on any device, including desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. We handle livestreams of any size, complexity and venue.

With over 20 years of experience in running live productions, MH3 brings a wealth of experience in streaming, audio and video production to your event. We work meticulously ahead of time to plan the event to ensure that the day of the event goes smoothly. Our Pre-Event planning and design ensures that your event is professional and hassle free for you. 

Add Webcast, Livestream or Broadcast to these events:

Educational Events

MH3 broadcast solutions lets you expand the reach of your institution’s events such as graduations, presentations, lectures, new student orientations, and sporting events at universities & schools of any size.


MH3's live streaming services lets conference organizers connect with remote attendees. Whether you are streaming a conference, workshop, or live panel discussion, Kiwi Productions can help you engage your audience worldwide.

Government Events

Webcast lets you connect with your community during events, such as elections, public announcements, political campaigns, press conferences, or town hall meetings. Constituents, supporters, and voters can watch on any device.

Corporate Events

Get your company connected with key stakeholders during your corporate events, such as private internal gatherings, company-wide keynote presentations, shareholder meetings or new product releases.

Fundraisers & Entertainment

Online donations have become easier thus capturing that audience and support for your fundraising event is a must! We have done many fundraising events that are hybrid so ask us how we can help you.

Worship Services

Get your church services online! Accept donations online, share your sermon and what makes your Church unique. We have assisted many traditions including Anglican, Lutheran, United and Roman Catholic churches share their message online.

Helping you plan and bring your event online.

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Honouring Traditions with Simple & Affordable Technology Solutions

With live streaming, it’s now possible to expand the audience of your event beyond your physical location to any part of the world. Whether you’re organizing a concert, sports event, festival, graduation ceremony, awards show, product launch, or political rally, you can now connect with viewers worldwide through their computers or mobile devices.

To ensure a successful live stream, our team of dedicated production and streaming experts will collaborate with you to deliver the same high-quality experience that viewers expect from broadcast television. We use tried-and-tested methods, equipment, and techniques that are commonly used in live TV broadcasting, but adapted for streaming. You can expect a reliable and high-definition live stream that is accessible on all devices, enhanced with value-added features such as animated graphics, music, slides, and a live Twitter feed.

Moreover, we record everything we stream, so you’ll have an edited copy of your event to keep and use as you wish. We’ll also provide you with detailed analytics on who watched your live stream, where they were located, and how long they watched.

When it comes to extending the reach of your event and delivering a quality live stream that is both reliable and engaging, you can trust our expertise and commitment to providing you with the best options and services available for live streaming your event.


Live Stream your Church Service

Livestreaming a church service has become increasingly important in recent years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. It allows churches to reach a wider audience beyond their local congregation, including those who are unable to attend in person due to distance, illness, or other reasons. Livestreaming also provides a convenient option for individuals who may be exploring their faith or seeking spiritual guidance, but are hesitant to attend a physical church service.

Additionally, livestreaming can enhance the overall worship experience by incorporating multimedia elements such as graphics, music, and videos. By offering a virtual worship option, churches can ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in and benefit from their service