Live Streaming – Roles

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A live stream production can be a difficult environment. With the proper roles, any live stream or production can be completed successfully. In most cases we suggest a crew of a minimum of 2. Experienced operators can handle more than one role during a production, but newer operators will want to master each role prior to handling more than one role at the same time. The following are roles we suggest you have when completing your livestream production.

Technical Director
This person is responsible for deciding what camera’s and what shots are used during the production. They should be in constant communication with the Video Operator to adjust the cameras and prepare for the next scene.

Video Operator
This person is responsible for the positioning and coordination of the camera’s to ensure that the shots being called by the Technical Director are prepared and executed as requested. This person would be responsible for the main video switching during the production at the request of the Technical Director.

Sound Operator
This person is responsible for ensuring that the sound and settings are correct during the production. They would be adjusting the volume and mic settings live while listening to the production live stream directly from the medium being used to broadcast. They should be listening to the production via headphones to ensure that the audio being broadcast is correct.

During pre-production they would be responsible for sound design and placement of mics to ensure the best quality audio possible.

Powerpoint Operator
If there are slides or a presentation, this person is responsible for advancing the slides as needed. This person would work in conjunction with the Technical Director to ensure that are cues and proper transitions are executed when needed and called.

The Technical Director and Video Operator could be easily combined into one role. It would take a bit of planning prior to the production to develop a story board and a plan for camera’s and what each scene would look like, but if the pre-planning is completed, the Technical Director and Video Operator could be the same person.

Depending on the complexities of your audio setup (live band vs. a single speaker) the Sound Operator could handle operating the slides presentation and listen to the production at the same time. The only issue that can arise would be when there is an audio problem and the slides need to be advanced. It all depends on the complexities of the particular production and how familiar the operators are with the equipment.

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