Enhance your Livestream with Text in Lower Thirds

Lower thirds text is a great way to add captions or labels to your video stream, such as the names of speakers or the title of your video. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to add lower thirds text in OBS, a popular open-source software for video streaming and recording. Step 1: Install […]

Audio Monitoring During a Live Stream

Livestreaming is a powerful and popular way to connect with audiences and share events and performances in real-time. Whether you’re streaming a concert, a conference, or a gaming session, one of the most important aspects of your livestream is the audio quality. Poor audio can ruin the experience for your viewers and make it difficult […]

10 Ways To Improve your Church Live Stream

Church live-streaming has become an increasingly popular way for churches to connect with their congregations and share their services and events with a wider audience. Whether it’s a Sunday service, a midweek bible study, or a special event, live-streaming allows churches to reach people who may not be able to attend in person due to […]

Live Streaming – Roles

A live stream production can be a difficult environment. With the proper roles, any live stream or production can be completed successfully. In most cases we suggest a crew of a minimum of 2. Experienced operators can handle more than one role during a production, but newer operators will want to master each role prior […]