Expect the Unique

Custom Solutions to Solve your Everyday Problems

Solving Everyday Problems
With Custom Affordable Solutions.

There is no one-size fits all approach to IT. Your organization is is a unique as the technology it uses. Our solutions work to enhance your organization and not hinder it with unnecessary technology. Whether you are a Small Business, Church or Not-For-Profit Organization your individual problems cannot be solved with a generic one-size fits all technology solution. MH3 specializes in providing a custom solution that fits your unique business and budget.

Live streaming and Recording

In today’s world we know that everyone has had to turn to live-streaming as a means for showcasing their products, offerings or services. Live-streaming changes the way your patrons interact with your organization.


Live streaming technology does not have to be expensive. Most people can do a live stream directly from their phone. Live streaming technology lets you watch, create and share videos in real time, and in a more professional manner than just your phone.

With congregations unable to meet in person during the pandemic we have been supporting our Church clients with various technologies as they take their weekly services online. 

We have provided the hardware, software and expertise for them to easily stream their weekly service to their parishioners as well as create a wider presence and spreading the word of God with a further reach than ever before.


Web Site Design and Hosting

Whether you’re fighting for the planet or your community, we help you to multiply your impact. See what you can achieve with MH3 by your side. 

We work with your budget to find an appropriate message and design, but something that is simple, easy to update and appealing to a diverse audience.

Technology Consulting

With over 20 years experience implementing technology solutions we’ve got you covered. From strategy to execution, MH3’s multi-disciplined team of experts help transform your business by finding and implementing  innovative solutions that better position your company for the future.

We offer a full range of technology consulting services:

RFP Management

Printers / Copiers

VoIP Phones

Desktop Computers

Laptop Computers

Cloud Storage Solutions

Internet Access Points